Course: English for Security

English for Security

English for Security is a job-related training course for people in the custodial industry. Topics have been carefully selected from trustworthy and work-related texts to make your offers operational in their everyday duties. These topics include Checking vehicles, Emergency calls and Civil Disorder.  Grammatically speaking, this course tackles common security expressions, proper questioning structure, conditional statements as well as how to provide clear and concise instructions. Your company’s participants will get the opportunity to recreate these situations in a safe, encouraging and most importantly educational English environment. Although there is a strong writing section in each lesson, this course focuses on improving your enforcement personnel in speaking and listening interaction in non-routine dialogues in the form of realistic role-plays.   As safety and security become an ever more important concern within our society, the need for reliable, trustworthy and individuals to monitor public order with English is essential. 

The benefits:

•  Increase safety and security at work
•  Enhance professionalism
•  Avoidance of liabilities due to accidents

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